It's really fun to rock out with this, especially for Queen fans. When you play this game, you become Freddie Mercury.

User Rating: 9.5 | SingStar Queen PS3
It is really fun to rock out with this title, although if you're planning on putting a lot of passion into your performances, don't expect high scores. Still, it's immense fun to play with other people as you can get really carried away with it.

Easy and medium is pretty fun but getting into hard difficulty really requires effort on the vocals front. It has all Queen's greatest hits, it's a must-have for any respectable Queen fan. The only noticeable omission is Flash. Apart from that, the track list is brilliant.

The new wireless mics makes it a lot easier and more fun to play, since you can dance around just like Freddie Mercury.

Again, this title also includes the ability to purchase songs via the SingStore which has an excellent range of different tracks, and includes many famous songs.