Singles 2: Triple Trouble Cheats For PC

  1. Begin the game with alot of money

    Before you start a new game to your installed singles folder then to the config foler and open game.cfg with a text editor like notepad. Search for money and change the values to as high as 999999 these are the current values.

    moneyEmptyScene = 100000
    moneyStartStory = 496
    moneyStartBackyard = 2500
    moneyStartApartment = 5000
    moneyStartPenthouse = 10000

    Contributed by: eureca323 

  2. All Modes

    Use Windows Explorer to disable the read-only attribute of the "game.cfg" file in the "\Singles2\config\" folder. Then, use a text editor to edit that file. Look for the "BackyardEnabled =", "ApartmentEnabled =", and "PenthouseEnabled =" lines. Change the "false" values for those lines to "true". Save the file, then make the file read-only again.

    Contributed by: sbermeister 

  3. Skill points

    Save the game, then quit. Use a text editor to edit the "savegame_apartment.dat" file (if your character lives in an apartment) or "savegame_penthouse" file, if your character lives in a penthouse, etc. in the "\Singles2\savegame" folder. Look for the entry for skillpoints and change its value to "30". Search again and change the value of each occurrence to "30".

    Contributed by: sbermeister 

  4. Remove Nudity Patch

    Locate the /Program Files/Singles2/Config/ directory and find the Game.* file. Edit that file using a text editor, such as Notepad. Locate the following code and make the following changes to your file:

    # min window size
    minWindowSize = 320 200
    # min/max window aspect ratio
    minWindowAspectRatio = 0.56
    maxWindowAspectRatio = 3.59
    # pixelate (instead of black bars)
    pixelate = true
    # shall breasts and genitals be pixelated in
    # uncesnsored versions? (for exhibitions)
    fullPixelation = false
    defaultDictionary = langIntEnglish.cfg
    defaultDictMissing = langIntEnglishMissingWords.cfg

    This should get rid of the mosaics over the naughty bits. Enjoy!

    Contributed by: sbermeister 

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