SiN Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat Codes

    In order to enter any of the following codes, first press the tilde (~) key, then type in the code you want for the desired effect.

    Effect Effect
    /health 999 999 Health
    wuss All Weapons
    /superfuzz God Mode
    give infinite ammo Infinite Ammo
    /nocollision No Clip Mode
    /wallflower No Target Mode
    sv_gravity # (where # is the gravity level to set) Set Gravity Level
    /spawn coin Spawn a Coin
    /spawn cookies Spawn Cookies
    /spawn heligun Spawn Helicopter Gun

    Contributed by: ATadeo, Rage012, jh51681 

  2. Level Select

    Press "~" to bring up the console then type "map " and than the following to go to any map.

    Effect Effect
    jungle2 ATV map
    area57 Darwin evolution map
    jungle First jungle (mountain gorge)
    sewera First sewer level
    sewerb Second sewer levels
    estate Sinclaire estate
    oilrig The oil rig
    thral Thrall master
    lab1 or lab Xenomorphic lab
    lab2 or study Xenomorphic study

    Contributed by: freakunique 

  3. Spawn List

    First press the tilde (~) key, then enter the code

    To get items type /spawn x where x is any of the following:

    Effect Effect
    moneybag Gives you a bag of Money
    BlueCard Gives you a Blue Security Card
    chaingun Gives you a Chain Gun (Weapon #5)
    coin Gives you a coin
    cookies Gives you a cookie
    Dollar Gives you a dollar
    GreenCard Gives you a Green Security Card
    health Gives you a health pack
    keyring Gives you a Small Silver Key
    thrallgun Gives you a Thrall Gun
    YellowCard Gives you a Yellow Security Card
    blueprints Gives you blueprints from construction site
    envelope Gives you envelope
    pulsepart1 Gives you first part of the Pulse cannon
    orangecard Gives you Orange Security Card
    Evidence Gives you Papers with Evidence
    chemsuit Gives you protection suit
    reactiveshields Gives you reactive shields
    rockets Gives you rockets
    u4 sample Gives you sample from chemical plant
    pulsepart2 Gives you second part of the Pulse cannon
    assasultrifle Gives you the Assault Rifle
    heligun Gives you the Helicopter Gun
    Magnum Gives you the Magnum
    rocketlauncher Gives you the Rocket Launcher
    shotgun Gives you the Shotgun
    Silencer Gives you the Silencer for the Magnum
    sniperrifle Gives you the Sniper Rifle
    pulsepart3 Gives you third part of the Pulse cannon
    lensflare Makes a light-effect

    Contributed by: Shunie, freakunique, th3l3fty 

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