This has to be the worst FPS I have put my hands on

User Rating: 3 | SiN Episodes: Emergence PC

After seeing so many positive user reviews here I had to shed my light since my review will be read by many people and generations ahead.

I came here because the Machinima guys were randomly playing this game recently and called it the worst FPS ever.

I tried playing this game sometime around 2010. I'm not a fan of FPS games but at the time felt like playing some and remembered about this game. But who knew - I couldn't find a place where to grab it if you know what I mean and only after asking around in a forum I was kindly sent a copy of it. A relatively new game abandoned by the internets though?

And when I tried playing it I understood why - because it is total crap! It is incredibly clunky, everything about it is mediocre except the villain's airbags. I couldn't believe how awkward the movement and shooting was.