This third-person, on-rail shooter will give something you may have never experienced before.

User Rating: 8.5 | Tsumi to Batsu: Uchuu no Koukeisha WII
- Superb control scheme lets you use the Wii Remote besides the Wii Zapper
- Great and addictive shooting, with a lot of replay value
- Huge, unique bosses, and there is a lot of them

- Slightly dated graphics and character models
- Too much dodging can ruin the fun

Sin and Punishment 2: Successor of the Skies (or Star Successor) is a successful on-rail shooter exclusively on the Wii which takes advantage of the Wii controls. Star Successor may not be very beautiful to behold, but the great gameplay and awesome bosses will keep you coming. There are a few flaws which will accumulate when playing which may frustrate you, but not minding the details, Sin and Punishment 2 can give you an experience like no other.

For those who may just pick this game just because it looks fun and unique (like I did), and never played any previous installment will miss the origin of the story. There isn't much of it, and it is nothing special and overall short, but offers quite a good deal of replay value. The game stars two young kids; Isa and Kachi, in their escape from the 'creators'. The plot tells their story in their futile escape, and the story isn't very predictable but there aren't many twists in the plot. The game is short as well, divided in lengthy stages full of enemies and many, many bosses.

Sin and Punishment 2 is a third-person, on-rail shooter which is perfect for the Wii. The control scheme is so good that you don't even require the Wii Zapper to play properly. Over time using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk can become tiresome since you have to constantly point to the Wii Remote to the screen and move in air. Like an arcade on-rail shooter, you won't be moving your character and progress at your own pace. The game moves on as you eliminate the target in the area or just moves towards the boss. There are a ton of unique and awesome bosses to fight which is almost all fun to play against. Some bosses are a bit frustrating, since they may require more though than skill, but Sin and Punishment 2 is rarely difficult to the boiling point.

Most of the gameplay consists of pressing the B button, shoot and aim and kill the enemies around you. You get to use two characters. Both of them play similarly with a few exceptions. Aside from being a boy and a girl, Isa's A attack limits a single area, while Kachi's A attack can target multiple enemies at once. Kachi's normal shooting keeps an automatic look on a target which can be very useful in bosses, but in normal battle may irritate you. The story mode can be played with a single character, but after beating the stage you can play that stage with the other character, with the same difficulty. Like an arcade game you will be given a score on how you progress. You can save and quit a stage after reaching a checkpoint and when you play again entering that same spot; you will only lose all the points accumulated. Even when you lose, the game allows continuing from the last checkpoint but still losing all points.

The shooting is really fun overall. The bosses are awesome and huge most of the time. The dodging is so frequent that is become annoying after a while. Some bosses will need your constant attention to dodge their attacks and counter. You will dodge with the Z button, and you need to be quick. The movement is a bit awkward but since you don' move on your own you probably won't mind at all and most of the time you will hover in air. There are some parts that the part you're in is 2D, meaning that you will be shooting in a 2D environment, left and right, and not forward. This kind of areas will restrict how much you can move, and are fairly tougher than normal stages.

Bosses may not be as frequent as normal enemies, but they are amusing fun, except for a few. Most of them are awesome to shoot down, but there are some which are more frustrating and fun, and above all may require some though more than skill. You will still need to skill for the finishing touch though. The stages are all different, and the enemies rarely are the same, making Sin and Punishment 2 quite varied in this area. Unfortunately you won't earn any new powers or anything.

The graphics don't steal the show, but overall good. The slightly ugly and unrealistic character models could have been made better, and some of the backgrounds are generic and lack the finishing touch, there is no doubt that the game looks good for Wii technology. The cutscenes aren't special either, keeping the same amount of production values. The music won't be loved by everyone, but if you like it, you'll love it. The English voice acting is nothing special, (again) but you probably won't mind it. Destruction still needs to be better and not all sound effects are great. Normal gun sounds underwhelming.

Replaying levels won't be enough to last Sin and Punishment 2 for very long. It's short, and can sometimes be difficulty, but there is no denying that this third-person on-rail shooter gets its job done. The shooting is top-class with the great control scheme, the bosses are fun to play against but it is far from flawless. As far from the overall reviews of this genre on the Wii I saw, Sin and Punishment 2 is one of the highest rated (I have EU version), and yes it is a formidable on-rail shooter.


Graphics = 7.8
The visuals won't win any award since they are kind of dated even by Wii standards. The character models are kinda ugly.

Sound = 8.2
You may not like the music, but you may like it. The voice acting is good, but some more effort in the sound effects would have been better.

Presentation = 8.5
The production values are merely great, keeping the cutscenes at that level. Loads fast. I like the box art btw.

Gameplay = 9.2
One of few on-rail shooters I've played satisfied me. The cool bosses and shooting are outstanding, aside from some repetitive dodging and maybe some tough bosses, Sin and Punishment 2 is a game like no other.

Story = 7.7
It's short, and the story won't be for everyone since it starts elsewhere. Replaying levels and 2 characters won't lengthen the game for long though.

OVERALL = 83 / 100
This third-person, on-rail shooter will give something you may have never experienced before.