An on-rails shooter than is fast paced and truly different from the rest.

User Rating: 9 | Tsumi to Batsu: Uchuu no Koukeisha WII
The first Sin and Punishment was actually never released here in the west up until recently when it was released via wiiware and it seems it sold quite well cuz now we have the sequel. While i am ashamed to admit i didnt play the first, this one truly stands for me as a step further from your typical on-rails shooter.

The first thing to say is that the game looks amazing, it has a great art style and variety of enemies, especially the bosses which you will encounter frequently. The action is fast paced and will probably make your heart beat faster as you go through each of the stages with plenty of enemies and bosses ready to stop you from completing your mision to beat the game.

Now the gameplay is where it shines even more as you not only aim and shoot enemies as you go on the stages, but you actually have to move your character and dodge bullets that will make you remember the oldschool bullet-hell games. The standard control configuration with the wiimote and nunchuk works perfectly as you move with the nunchuk, doge with Z, shoot with pressing B and tapping for a sword attack. A is also used for lock on and special attacks that deal massive damage but cant be used often. You can choose to be a boy or a girl, each with some subtle differences and of course you can also use your classic controller,zapper and even gamecube controller but the wiimote is the best, though it is nice to have the option to change to any controller.

The story can be a little bit complicated but it makes the job doned, besides you wont likely care as you will want more to shoot the bad guys than hearing story sequences which are supported by a solid VO and you even have the option to hear the japanese one but the english is good too. Music is also solid, with plenty of rock and techno that suit very well the fast paced speed of the game.

But not everything is bells and whistles as there are a couple of negatives. The first is that there are only 8 stages in the game which is rather short, you could beat them all in like 5 hours. Also the 2 player mode is lacking as the 2 player can only aim and shoot, for your girlfriend it may work, but if a friend comes by 1 of you will be stuck with only shooting.

On the bright side there are various difficulty levels and leaderboards that will ensure that you will play for a while, especially since you will want your score in there so good luck trying to beat my scores and everyone elses. But you have to play continuously because even if you start a new game and save after a stage, when you come back your score will reset which can be a pain. Also try not to die so much cuz while you start again from the last checkpoint, you loose your score which is the punishment for dying.

So in the end you wont regret buying this game, even if it is a little short there is some replay value and if you like to shooting hundreds of bad guys you will be entertained for quite a while. See you in the leaderboards if your good enough to make a high score =).