SimCopter is an instant success to Maxis fans

User Rating: 7.5 | SimCopter PC
Introduction: Welcome to SimCity.....or its sky at least. In SimCopter, you control a nameless man who must fly a helicopter through the skys of the city below, and put out fires, help evacuate people from buildings, help find and capture criminals, etc. Gameplay: SimCopter puts you into the body of a helicopter pilot. It is your job to patrol the skys of the city below you and watch out for fires, criminals, evacuations, medical emergency's, anything that crosses your way, and assist. You start out in your basic helicopter, and have to complete missions for money. Once you have some money, you can buy upgrades for your helicopter, such as tear gas, a hose to spray water onto fires, etc. After you acumulate more money, you can purchase better helicopters, which move faster and can hold more people at one time. As with the SIM line, theres no real end to the game, it just continues for as long as you want to fly your helicopter. Story: .....................does SIM mean anything to you people?................ Graphics and Sound: Well, the graphics are fairly basic, mostly just an assortment of cubes and rectangles. But, for the time the game was created ( 1996 ), its excusable. Even tho its not as 'fancy' and realistic as some more modern flying sim games, it works very well for this game. As far as the sound goes, its fairly well done. It can get annoying at times, but it add's a lot to the game. Replayability: To an extent, this game has good replayability. Once you get all of the copters and upgrades, theres not much more to do except for doing the same old missions. However, it is posible to create your OWN cities in SimCity 2000, and import them into SimCopter, so with new cities, the potentional for more gameplay returns. Final Recommendation: I would recommend this game to anyone, specially fans of the Sim series. SimCopter gives us a new view into the Sim series, allowing us to fly a helicopter over the city and assist other people. I give SimCopter a 7.5 out of 10. Its a great game that can provide much enjoyment to even the most hardcore gamer.