forever in my heart

User Rating: 7 | SimCopter PC
sim copter
this games theme is that you fly around cities in a helicopter.
you need to do the tasks quick and without to many errors to avoid penalties
the tasks include fires, medical evacts, robberies, getaways, pick ups, traffic jams, rescuing ppl of buildings, boats and trains-(pretty hard) After successfully completing these tasks you receive points and money
the points: go toward the levels completion (each level has 3 different cities to choose from)
the money: money is needed to buy better copters and upgrades to make your job easier (or sometimes possible)
the first hele you get is very basic, slow, weak, and low passenger seating, but you can save up on money using it until u can get the dolphine (in my opinion the best copter in the game). what could have made this game better:
First, mabe some sort of story line, something sort of interesting.....
Second, more stuff to buy
Third, better graphics
Forth, clean up the bugs (some times I would get like stuck walking in-between buildings and crows of people) Fifth, placement of the tasks some of the tasks were impossible to do Like if u had a hurt person stuck in-between two building very frustrating...oh well
Sixth, i heard that you could make your own citys to fly around in but i couldn't find out how to do that...oh well Btw I don no if its just me but I couldn’t save the game :(

overall this game had great potential and should be redone....but i guess it wont since the games over 10 years old already... too bad :(