Disappointing - Spirit is broken

User Rating: 1 | SimCity PC
Months after a difficult launch, nothing has changed nor will change.

Ridiculously small map size make the game absolutely boring and unplayable. If you played the previous SimCity version (2000, 3 and 4), do not buy this version. There is no tools for creating amazing road, public transport networks, bring decoration and build the city of your dream. The SimCity spirit is broken ... The only fix done so far is the connection difficulties due servers overload and I believe it was partly self fixed with players giving up playing.

I would recommend to keep playing SimCity4

EA communication is poor blaming the customers not to appreciate this fantastic game. DLCs are already on their way. It's obvious that EA's priority is money, money, money. I hope they will be back slapped as much as many (ex) loyal customer were.

Good luck to them