Could have been amazing - execution lets this game down.

User Rating: 5 | SimCity PC
SimCity could have been amazing and a contender for Game of the Year. There are numerous fresh new ideas that make this game a marked improvement on predecessors. However the game is broken and the execution lets it down.

Here are the things the really annoy:

Losing cities: I wont comment about the Internet always on DRM, but if you are going to enforce saving of cities in the cloud at least make sure it works. I don't nkow how often I have come back to a city to find my last efforts have not saved. Not to mention the problems that cause my cities to have to be rolled back or abandoned due to some unexplained problem.

Multiplayer: I have yet to join a multiplayer region. I cannot find any regions not full - and you cannot search for these. I have tried starting my own region but no-one else can find it so it remains lonely.

Patches: This game was released unfinished. When I go to play a game, I do not expect to have to wait ages while yet another patch downloads and installs. I can understand a patch every now and then, but between Origin and SimCity I am patching something almost every day.