Why are we paying for a game we cant even own?

User Rating: 5 | SimCity PC
That's exactly what this is, we are paying to play on EA' S servers. We don't own the game when we buy it, especially feels less so to those of us who got the game digitally!

The best thing they could have done is make an online mode that isn't mandatory. Not this heap of crud, no save progress? waiting for servers? can't just open my laptop anywhere and start playing? no nothing??

Regardless i have played a few hours of this game, and yes it is a decent game because Maxis did do a good job, but unfortunately it does not justify to all this online stuff.

Not to mention at times how long it takes to load to a server even when they are online.
Bring back the old days of installing a game on your computer and playing that game whenever you want!!

EA first you mess up the Red Alert series and now Simcity? shame on you.