Simcity it's not the greatest but it is fun!

User Rating: 5 | SimCity PC
Simcity which did not get off to a good start because of server issues is still a good game once you get beyond that issue. However, making the game have a always online requirement hurts more than help. If people cannot play because the servers or the ISP is down the point of playing it is moot because of the lack of a offline option. also, when you retire Simcity the game will not be accessible to the customers because more than likely you will close down the servers. Also, you cannot reach your saturation mark if some of the customers do not have broadband or even the internet. The folks that do not have neither should not even think about buying this game. I did give the game 5/10 because if you can overlook those requirements it is fun but the cities are small and that can be fixed by making larger cities or maps. I had to update my review, I do agree that EA screwed up royally and I understand the problems on launch day, it is apparent that EA did not prepare well in advance for the launch. I think this problem will take more than two weeks to fix. Good Job EA!(Sarcasm)