The game is online always, and requires to be on EA's servers... that crash alot. Makes the game un-playable.

User Rating: 7.5 | SimCity PC
I was excited, a new Simcity to make Simcity 4 look like a game from the 1900s... but it didn't. It made Simcity 4 better than this new game. Where should I start- oh yes... the always online piracy protection. EA has made the game require an internet connection so you can play on their servers, always. There servers are very unsteady, and if that extra person joins... they crash. I bought the game and instantly had problems.

- Couldn't play, server's bugged.
- Tutorial didn't load a thing
- Tutorial looped
- Multiple restarts

Buyers be warned, this game is currently very unsteady. Wait until they fix up their servers.. which I hope is soon.

I've played the game for five hours, according to Origin. Origin, I haven't played for five hours, i've spent five hours trying to get the game to work. I logged on briefly, then it crashed before I could get a good playing time.

Otherwise, the game is great. The graphics are amazing, and otherwise this is a great step up for the Simcity series.