A Typical EA Disaster!

User Rating: 1 | SimCity PC
This newly released Electronic Arts game can not be fairly reviewed because it can not even be played properly! I have tried to play SimCity 5 for three long days to no avail! And God knows I tried. How did some of the other gaming websites get the chance to test this game? All of the game servers are either completely full or keep constantly crashing! Unbelievable that this game was even released. Was it not tested? Did EA/Maxis save money by running only nine global servers? Terrible. Why is there no offline single player option in this game? EA really dropped the ball on this highly anticipated title. The biggest problem for EA now is saving face. They have such a bad reputation nowadays that consumers will think twice about buying their games. The gaming industry is in such poor shape that the last thing it needs is garbage games like this one. Gaming giants like EA make money because there are no refund/return policies in place to favor the consumer and they take full advantage of it. I am disgusted in the gaming industry, and I have been in it for a very, very long time. I recommend we boycott EA.