If you look past the launch issues, SimCity is a fantastic game that will entertain you for hours.

User Rating: 8.5 | SimCity PC
Early on you may be reading about the countless issues with SimCity. How you have to have an internet connection for it to run, how the servers are bad, and how cities are small etc.

First off the seervers being bad is what I excpected from an EA title. They seem to blow releases time and time again. This was dissapointing the first day but I was able to get into a server after not a long time. The servers also will improve and they aren't something you should worry about for a long time and shouldn't really be used to take away from the great game SimCity is.

Overall the gameplay is very fun and will give you nostaligic memories of older SimCity titles. The HUD in game is very useful and easy to navigate and you are always discovering new tools while playing that help the gameplay go smoother. I also enjoy the multiplayer region interactions and how you can have, for example, your firetrucks go help out another city that may not have a fire station yet.

This game is well worth 60$ and you have to look past the launch issues and recognize how good of a game SimCity is.