Beautiful and Stunning. Now with Multiplayer Options.

User Rating: 9 | SimCity PC
I won't brag that i have play every sim game to date, i have not, but what i have been playing and following ever since is the first SimCity game. And now the latest incarnation is out.

As expected like it's previous incarnations there would be a graphic's overhaul. And what an impressive overhaul it is. Using the Glass Box Engine it makes you feel like you are staring into the city through a magnifying glass. The graphic's all on high make the game so beautiful to look at and even on lower settings the game still looks stunning.

Now on to the game play. The Game is now more streamline to make it more easy for new players to learn. So the learning curve is on the fair side. The Multiplayer aspect of the game is impressive where you and a few friends can play in the same region and work together to do the Great Works for that region.

I have heard from some friends that the game does not feel like SimCity anymore. I beg to differ as it does still feel like SimCity but has new stuff and more things to learn. A few sound glitches here and there and the part where you have to read when you quit the game is that it is syncing with servers before it shuts the game down. There is a Lag in the In-game chat system and the one on Origin is the same case. And there is no Offline Play for this incarnation of SimCity as you have to be connected to the Internet to play.

The Game in my book is excellent and should be in the running for GO TY.