Limited city size, limited to online connection only, a free to play mentality that you have to pay 60 buck for.

User Rating: 1 | SimCity PC
Even in single player mode you need to be connected, so playing on your laptop when traveling is a no-no unless you have accesses to decent free WiFi. Even at home now I could not play due to the fact that server reached maximum capacity and I'm in queue now. Apparently EA is trying to nickle and dime players on all their new games having that "Farmville" mentality; day one DLC, online play only; but they do not realize that this is unacceptable to most customers who already payed 60 bucks for the game, I would understand it if it was a free game.

-1 City size is so small and limited, it is less than half of the smallest city in the previous simcity games
-1 Required to be always connected to the internet
-1 You can't play if the servers reached their maximum capacity
-1 you get disconnected frequently from the server and can't go back right away
-1 you have to pay for downloadable content that are available from day one, paying $60 is a lot I do not need to pay another 20-30 dollars for things that should have been included in the game.