Better than at the beginning

User Rating: 6 | SimCity PC

SimCity is a great game serie. A game which allows you to manage an entire city from A to Z is something refreshing and smart. I played all of them and I'm a real fan of SimCity 4.

So when i heard that a new version would be released, I was really excited. How would it look like? What new features will be included? But when I heard about the release with the servers crashes and the tiny maps i stepped out and wondering myself how can it be possible? So i waited until it could come offline.

There here I am and the last I can say is that it's not really bad once the DRM feature is removed. Sure the maps are small and the traffic is really hard to get rid off despite all the money you invest on Mass transit but on the other sides it's really interesting to play. There are some really nice features you can enjoy like the fact of adding a great work or the specialization. It's really adding something new and I won't spit on it. The fact that you can upgrade buildings instead of always buying an entire new one is also closer to reality and not a luxury seeing the small size of the maps.

This side is the worst sin of the game. The space is really filled in a very short time and that's quite a change and a step back compared to SimCity 4 where you can build as far as the eye can see. Hopefully your region can welcome a lot of cities but it's restraining the game a lot. It's too bad. If EA can correct this, it will be as great as the other games of the serie. It's started badly but it's getting better and we need to underline the effort.