A great game, but it is unfortunately dumbed down with tutorials and small maps

User Rating: 6 | SimCity (Limited Edition) PC

Simcity is a sim where you try to build your own city from the ground up. It mostly consists of three zones. industrial, residiantial and commercial. Here you can build off parts of your city to your liking. You can also choose on what each city can focus on. You can have several cities at once and make them trade and work together.

The gameplay suffers by the limitations set by the developer. Having maps so small doesn't really give the player a lot options in how you want the citiy to evolve as a whole. It limits the player more than it makes them creative. It doesn't drive the player to make the biggest and most creative city he or she can make. But instead they feel the use of limiting the user. There are also too many tutorials making the player to go in a direction instead of letting the player figure things more on their own. Instead of holding your hand through the game, they should give the player more freedom. The zones also don't work aswell either. It dumbs down the game a lot and makes it too easy and no sense of accomplishment playing the game. Building a city isn't a creative challenge, but it has sadly become a game that makes it a task to build a city instead of letting creativity roam free. Which is a shame, because there is obviously a lot of potential there.

The audio is more of a background thing and you don't really notice the calm music through the game. Neither is the audio in the gameplay that impressive either.

You don't need a really good pc to play this game, having a good internet connection i recomended though. The graphics in this game get the job done, but it doesn't really have a sense of style when you don't get to expand the cities and get your own personality in them. The game lacks the personality to make it exciting to build new areas. It gives a rather lifeless impression in how to build a city

There isn't really a lot to do after you have mastered the steps in building the different zones and how to make the city profitable. Even though a city can specialize in different things. It is basicly doing the same thing in different areas when building a city, only giving the city a certain direction.


It's a game with great potential. but it lacks the personality, map size and creativity to be truly good. If there was a possiblity to improve on these things. This game would be truly worth the wait

Gameplay - 6

Audio - 6

Graphics - 6

Value - 5

Tilt - 7

Overall - 6.0