Worth it now?

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Thinking of buying this tomorrow, is it now worth it?

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Knowing Electronic Arts, not ever.

Be warned that Electronic Arts does not value its customers and has no notion of consumer rights.

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Ok, all the EA hate aside, here's my feedback on the game.  I preordered the game, played in beta events, and have played it since launch.  Yes, launch was bad, and that alone justifiably deterred people from getting the game.  Now the server issues have been largely resolved insofar as being able to connect and play.

However, I have not played in about a week for one reason only: I'm already bored with it, for all of these reasons:

  • The city plot size is far too small.  I want to build a sprawling city and simply can't.  Rather than being SimCity, it's more like SimSuburb.
  • The simulation is broken.  
  • Traffic patterns are still broken despite recent patches to address.
  • There is no inter-dependence between residential, commercial and industrial zones.  In fact, one can build a city with nothing but residential zones and it will thrive!
  • The sharing of resources between cities on a map is broken.  Remember, this was why SimCity 5 just had to be always connected to the internet, yet it doesn't even work.
  • So, the Sim in SimCity is broken!

Then there are many missing features, like no subways (because apparently cities don't have subways???) and no agricultural zones (because cities don't need food).  But these weren't really deal-breakers for me.  However, when SimCity gives you neither the Sim nor the City, it's just not very fun.

Perhaps once they fix the simulation and once they greatly increase city plot sizes, I'll play again.  Until then, I'll spend my time on other things and I would recommend you do too.

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thanks for the response.

I'll take your advice and hang fire for a while, seems a shame that it turned out this way

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Then there are many missing features, like no subways (because apparently cities don't have subways???) and no agricultural zones (because cities don't need food).wbknapp

That seems like more than a few steps back for the series' sophistication. :?

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It just seems like they focused on the new look using glass box and really dropped the ball by leaving out a significant list of core features. I agree it is def a shame the release is such a disaster. I had really been following it for at least a couple months prior to release date. I would have never guessed by the beta releases this was the end product.
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Even after all the insantiy that came from this game... I still want this game too because I love Sim City and when it was announce I was beyond exited. But now I'm still not sure, I mean beside the sever outages the gameplay is still fun...right?

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Plus amazon knocked off $20 so I really thinking about it lol.
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I got it a few days ago I was so excited (I watched lots of gameplay ) when I played it it was great but when you stop it seems crap and you think its ridiculous that you spent 60 on a special edition which included big ben (which cost something like 350k ) so when your starting your city you cant get one. When you make more cities to play with ( I play single player) it gets quite boring because your thinking am I going to have to spend three hours building a city so that it can be just like the first of course now i cant play it because it uninstalled from my laptop and i cant reinstall it and before you say my laptop ran out of storage and deleted it it didnt but still if you look at the website there now selling the normal edition for 20 euro so im really pissed that i wasted my money
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At $40 from Amazon its worth it, the $60 I paid at launch was not. Funny if you look at my game I have played 100 hours, seems like I got my moneys worth, however most of that time was letting the game run for hours while I did something else in an attempt to gain money so I could attempt to fix some broken part of the game.

The always online feature is not the realy problem, they fixed that issue. The real problem is the game is a step back from previous games. 

Regions do not work
Traffic is a disaster
20 of those 100 hours was attempting to build a great work which is completly broken.


I have not tried sandbox mode, but whats the point.  


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It's enjoyable for the first couple of hours, but within that first couple of hours the city growth is that fast, you run out of room so fast and that to me is a big deal breaker.

All the time i'm running into problems with the small small little town maps. seriously the first city needs to be a grid city and very tight but the problem with this is the game needs room to grow, why make small town maps when everything upgrades to bigger, i mean you make little rows and squares for houses and after time they expand but because you have to do it so close to fit everyone in that they haven't got room to expand but then!!

you start a city and make the gaps bigger and what do you get??? houses growing but then because they've grown the other small houses can't expand and are left and at which time the middle wealth houses get annoyed about the low wealth family living next door. 

seriously a police station then you have to get the big police station o but wait you had to grow your city so big to afford and need a big police station that trying to place this massive police station you have to make room which you don't have and then your well constructed designed city ends up a massive mess, the problem is every single building have add on's and upgrades which take space up.

i mean i live in a TOWN, we've tried to get status as a city but they keep saying no, off the top of my head in my town, i have 6 infant schools, 4 if not 5 high schools, 4 places to go to college and a uni, i've a main hospital and  1 smaller clinic, i've 3 fire stations, and all that i have 1 main garanage place for the whole area.

try fitting that onto the map of sim CITY. you can't and yet it begs you for it, and seriously how many garabage trucks does it take when the city is so small. 

Maps are waaaaaay waaaay to small, even on a 16player map there all the same sized plots, the plots need to be a lot bigger or no one will be playing this game. 

SimCity is a single player game, it always has been your making a city, to run by itself, your not there to make a small town making money in just one aspect and then selling to another town which is set up making money in another aspect. you want to play in a city where all aspects should be important.

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My 2cents for what its worth.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ML-KgiLzzQs