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I sooo wanted to see this game be as awesome, no, more awesome than any of its predecessors.  However the instant my son told me it was announced and the general details, it had three strikes against it, and I immediately said, "Don't get excited about it, let's follow it on GameSpot and see what they think!"

STRIKE 1:  Its EA, which means it has Origin.   I am not as forgiving as some up here about Origin.   I do not believe they use it exclusively for DRM.   I believe they are watching, what you use your computer for ALL the time, what games you're playing, what websites you go to, even how much time you spend on various software (not just games), and I believe they are selling that information.   I don't care what they claim, I don't care what their privacy agreement says, we have caught EA flat out, bald face, lying to us before.

STRIKE 2: Its MUST be played online?  I have no reason or interest in playing SimCity online.  If you want to provide those that do the option to play with their friends, that's a bonus and enhancement I applaud.   But the instant you tell me I MUST play online, that means I can't play it on the plane, my grandkids can't play it in the car while we travel, I can't take it with me when we go to the cabin or out to the desert in the mobile home. 

And EA has NEVER EVER been able to launch an online game that didn't have massive problems.   We're not talking normal problems all companies have, needing them to spend a day or two working out issues ... we're talking consistently EPIC FAILURE issues that lasts weeks.

Finally, "must play online" means Microtransactions.   EA sees itself as the American model to making Microtransactions work  .... I don't even follow most games published by EA for just this reason.

STRIKE 3:  You must declare what your city is, you are 100% dependant on the cities around you, and your region is smaller.  Guys, in what universe are these BETTER options that what you had in SimCity IV??????  

A) There isn't a city in the world (with maybe the exception of Las Vegas), that has declared they exist for X purpose at their founding.  If they specialize at all, its an evolutionary process that leads them to the ability to seize their final goal in the end.   Even with Vagas its not, today, what it started out of be.   While gambling is still important, its more of a family vacation/entertainment city than just a gambling city.

B) Who here wants to be 100% dependant on other people to play/develop/experiment with your city?   From day one, SimCity has been about personal goals, about experiments, about restarting (A LOT) ... it was the ultimate Tamagotchi city.

C) What serious SimCity player ever said to themselves ... "Damn, I have too much space here!  I wish they would make a version that seriously restricts my space?"

GameSpot quickly made all of us aware of the above issues.  You could read between the lines, at the Editors screaming "Not in my House!!!"   So I didn't pre-order it (well, that was more because it was an EA product), I had zero expectation for it.  I knew, at best, it was going to take several updates over weeks/months to get it to a playable state.  And in the end, again reading between the lines of the Editors/Reviewers, it became clear this game may be a crash and burn on arrival.

So no disappointment here, no feeling I got ripped off, no stress of trying to deal with a broken game, and I still have my $60 in my pocket.  And I say THANK YOU GAMESPOT!

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that's nice I hope you have fun playing SimCity 4.

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I had the exact same concerns and kept checking up on the reviews primarily on gamespot. Saved myself sixty bucks.