So....Good or not?

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I wanna get it, but I'm hesitant, what's the prognosis?

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Wish I could answer that for you my friend.

Sadly, there are still TONS players in the launch regions having issues trying to "download, update, or play" the game. I live on the east coast of the US and im currently struggling to find a solution on how to get my game to show up because it keeps minimizing after I launch it. Its frustrating. It brings back nightmares of the Diablo launch.

Im not gonna recommend anything to anyone but I will say this, expect to run into issues in these early stages until things even out and get fixed. Especially considering the fact that the rest of the regions have different launch dates this month.

And there are 5 servers labelled "West Coast 1, East Coast 1, West Europe 1, East Europe 1 and Oceanic 1. Two servers are busy and have a queue of when to get in or you can switch to the other non-busy servers.

So ya, the experience of just trying to get into the game is frustrating alone.

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Oceanic 1 server thats why it crashed and good job it was not called Oceanic 6 it would be a disaster. (LOST)

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The actual game is good, having lots of fun so far. Origin is obviosuly the stumbling block,  but at 18 hours after launch I can get on whenever I want now, don't know if everyone is in the clear or I'm just getting lucky though.

Me and a friend are doing a region together, so far the multiplayer aspects work as well, still learning the finer points, and obviosuly I still wish there were bigger cities, but Ocean Quigley saysd they're comming eventually. All in all an 8.5/10 for me

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Peoplel are hating on this game because of origin but these haters have not even played the game. Once you start playing you see the new complexities that were created in place of the features lost. I find city size is not an issue, when you need more resources and at a cheap price you need to start another city anyways. The game is not about urban sprawl but about building up a city itself. Next to the server issues which were an issue yesterday it is a good game