SimCity Launcher Bug

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So I'm experiencing a bug with SimCity (shocking I know) when i try to launch it from origin or from a shortcut the launcher and therfore game won't start, if I try three times it just crashed Origin entirely. It worked fine (well the launcher anyway, the game's another matter eh) untill yesterday.

From reading online I found a temperoray fix by deleting everything within this directory: 
P:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityUserData

But this resets all your settings everytime, a damn pain. Has anyone stumbled upon a permanent solution? 

Windows 8 64 bit
exceed all system requirments 

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And now even that fix isn't working, I can't even launch the launcher to fail to get onto a server ;)

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Hi, i bought the game a few days ago, ignoring all the problems with it.. I played totally 11 hour with no problems, and today when i try to lauch the game from orgin or shortcut, the launcher dosent show. But the launcher is lauching "lol" but then stops launching before the window shows. I get no error, and the game worked fine yesterday.. Any suggestions ?