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O.K. for anyone out there thinking of buying this game and haven't due to the terrible launch i have a couple of things to say to you... The game is great and very addictive. I know everyone has been pretty pissed off to say the least about not being able to connect to the servers and I, myself have had some problems also. But the game itself is very well made and very addictive. Of course with every game there are bugs and glitches. Sometimes for no reason my traffic will just stop and i have to bulldoze the road and put it back afterwords to get the cars moving again. I've had a bit of a problem with my sims being educated and the zoning button telling me there are not enough educated sims to work at medium tech level. The map size is pretty small and can be filled up very quickly especially on maps with any kind of hill or mountain terrain. I do understand that in this game its more about building up instead of building out, but since that's the case the adviser needs to stop telling me to zone more residential when all i can do is up the density, cause i have no more room to zone anything else. I have no doubt that the server and connection problem will be solved and in my experience it has drastically improved over the last couple of days. All in all though the game is great and anyone that can sit here and say that the game-play is not any good is in my opinion taking there frustrations of the server problems out on the game itself. I love just sitting back in my downtime and taking a cruise through the streets and looking past my city and seeing the success of my neighboring city. Which in my opinion is so very awesome. I also love how they made the Power, Water, and Sewage travel along the roads, because in the past simcity i felt like it was more of a hassle than fun to run pipes and power lines. The zoning idea is also in my opinion a very good upgrade to the past simcity games. I very much like the concept of roads and land value dictating what will be constructed rather than placing each individual kind of wealth zone. In this case i can decrease the land value or the density and not have to worry about rezoning and having a big blank spot on the map. The police, fire station and schools concept of placing bus stops for school and adding more fire trucks and police cruisers to the department instead of worrying about a radius circle. It is a very big upgrade to me. I don't know about anyone else but i hated trying to make sure that i had full coverage with a circle that always overlapped or made areas not covered. The modules are one of my favorite parts of the game because you could have two or three of the same building look very different based off the modules and I always feel satisfied when i spend money on a sign and plop it in one of the couple or so areas that can be used. The data layers are absolutely amazing and I love just sitting there and watching them move down when I'm collecting garbage. Its nice to be able to see it working instead of just seeing your landfill grow without any real knowledge of whose getting trash picked-up or not. Lastly the fact that you can have so many different specializations that work well with each other instead of just picking one and that's who your going to be. For example I've found that when doing any kind of mining or drilling you basically need a trade depot...they go hand in hand, and its nice to upgrade both and see where it takes you and having to decide which you wanna upgrade first and whatnot. Like with the casino's, you want to get some culture in there also so you can attract whatever wealth class your looking for. That being said the game does have some flaws, but not enough to detract me from playing a very deep and very awesome simulation game. Just for some background so no one thinks I'm a noob, I am 27 years old and have consistently played simcity games since i accidently found it on a very old computer a very long time ago. I also remember finding simants and could never chose if i wanted to be red or've been playing video games for a pretty long time and i think that I am pretty good at whatever game you put in front of me...I am by no means the best or claim to be the best. I don't try to climb leader-boards or smack talk people in multiplayer games. I very much enjoy sitting back and enjoying whatever game i intend to play. I know i got to rambling a little bit, but what I am trying to say is that the game shouldn't be blacklisted or talked bad about because of server issues and connectivity problems. This is not Simcity 5, this is a whole new game. As much as i would like the game to be a little bit bigger and be able to play offline, we have to admit that the chances of them putting a stop to the "always-on" is very slim, only because of the fact that, that is not what kind of game they are marketing or selling. The map sizes will get bigger, i can almost guarantee that. And I am pretty sure everyone else that is playing the game knows that and realizes that they will eventually make the map sizes bigger. Are we impatient and do we want it now?? OF COURSE we do, we are gamers and we always want bigger and better that's what i love about being in the "gamers club", we are very opinionated and idealistic and that is an awesome group to be a part of..So to all of us gamers out there, the ones that bought the game and love it, the ones that hate all the problems its had, and to the ones who haven't purchased the game yet because they don't know if they should or not. I believe that the game is great and despite its problems, its not like the game is unplayable and broken. IMO the actual game itself is amazing and i would suggest you give it a shot if your into simulation games. On that note I am out...Sorry its a long read i got a little carried away.. Add me if you want to play...ateam54321...Peace!!!