Sim City Strategy Guide

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So incase anyone was wondering about the prima guide, i would say skimming through it so far i've learned many things i didn't know about the game, but something i noticed was some of the diagrams in the guide seem to indicate that road connections can be made to other cities, which i don't believe is possible. Also in some of the diagrams it shows power plants not connected to any road with power lines connecting it, which is also not possible i believe. Makes me think some of the diagrams are outdated :( Thought this was interesting/confusing since it's a guide for the game and it shows stuff thats just not right.

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The Amazon page shows a picture from the guide, there are windmills without a power plant and power transmission lines that run to the road....  it doesn't even get the very basics right what a joke.

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Not mentioning the ara thinking about changing lot of stuff (mass transport, AI, etc) based on feedback. So I would not buy this guide. It may be outdated very soon.