Sim City release a disaster

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They have now declared all of their games will be online-only, DRM [link to] games, controlling WHEN you can play it, HOW you can play it, and IF you can play it, whilst obtaining all of your personal info EVERY TIME you play it. You essentially "lease" the game, with no guarantee the game will be playable a few years down the line (they can simply "turn off" the servers as they wish).

But now, with the release of the ostensibly SINGLE PLAYER, offline game of "Sim City" -- expected to be one of the best-selling releases of the year on the PC -- their idiocy is finally backfiring.

Their servers are in complete meltdown mode. The game is $60 and no one can play it. We're talking in excess of a million people worldwide, maybe more. It is the worst release of a game since Diablo 3, and will likely turn out to be worse. Imagine spending $60 a restaurant and being told, "We'll bring out your food in a week, maybe, and we don't guarantee you'll be able to even eat it."

If you want a refund or try to get a refund, they will BAN you from playing the game through their proxy gateway online service known as Origin, ostensibly another advertising arm they can install on your computer and force you to use.