Should I buy this game?

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I have heard that some of the server problems have been fixed.  So now that everything is working, is this game worth it?

I was a fan of Simcity, but did not buy because of the need to always be online.  But some of the video's I have seen posted have looked cool.  I know some people are pissed.  Any some of the reviews/scores are skewed because of the bad launch.  Would you recommend this game?

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If you want to be frustrated because of all the bugs, buy it right now.

If I hadn't already spent my money, I would hold off for a couple more weeks to see if they get it cleaned up.  It's fun for the first couple hours, but the bugs and server issues really aren't worth it at this point.

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Not yes. It is true that servers are accessible now. But there are still other gamebreaking issues. Especially the region play is not working at all. And if you have more cities in one region, these are not connected at all. Here are few screenshot (taked after last update 1.6.1): Great works are not synchronized at all: (the screenshot was taken 24h after starting the project. So servers had enough time to process it) Here is a problem with unlocking the builtings: The great works can not be finished. You can see the trucks bringing the goods. But these are not added to the counters: And buying the electiricity and water from other city also does not work. I can se it is awailable. I can click buy button. But nothing ever arrives. The saving system is also brokne so far. If you exit the game (propper way by many) you can still loose some progress. The game just ends and does not care if it is synchronized correctly. So my suggestion is wait. There is a good game there (not perfect - especially the simulation is very shallow, but the game is fun and addictive). But first wait until they finish the game. Buying the beta version is not wise.
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I got this on March 14th and after 2 days and when i went to my server where my game was it said last visited 6 days ago. I did not even have the game 6 days ago. Ive not been on it since and there are other little errors too. When cars get to a junction instead of going left or right, they think about it for about 2 secs and just turn back round. People just vanish at the traffic lights when waiting to cross too if it gets too full.

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Nope. Save your money. This game is an epic disaster still. Too many gamebreaking bugs in it still. I would wait for a couple of more weeks.