Score sans bugs?

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It is hard to decide wheter to buy this game based on todays reviews. They all go on about the technical issues, but I am in no rush to play the game, and figure all the problems will be sorted out by the time I might pick it up.

What score would you give the game, if no technical problems and being connected all the time is not an issue? Gamespots 5.0 seems too low in that scenario..

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Come back in a month and ask the same question. Seriously.

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I haven't had any problems playing the game. Not connecting, not building, not anything. I would give it a 8. The only problem which isn't technical is really maintaining a healthy city after 3-4 hours of building. Hardly a real issue, but lots of problems can occur in a growing city and it can be mindboggling on how to fix stuff with waste disposal and refuse collection. (You begin to feel like your whole city should be dump cites which hampers creativity). Other than that, maps could stand to be 30-40% larger to deal with needed space for dumping, power, and water management. Not a big enough deal for the game not to be fun, and I don't find as others have complained, that every city I make is the same. I can easily develop a city unlike any of my previous ones.

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I wrote my review without considering the launch problems.  And I haven't encountered many bugs (only one that caused a big apartment building to get built on top of 3 smaller apartment buildings.  Anyway, here's the link:

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8.0/10 for me, would be a 9/10 with some bigger cities. But at the moment it certainly deserves the 5/10 with all these bugs and EA's continuing mismanagment.