Polygon has cut their review score of the game dramatically after launch!

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The score has been cut from the 9.5 (based on pre-release with few players and no server problems) to 4 (based on the current experience). The reviewer says it is not a comparable gaming experience at all!

I applaud this way of reviewing a game - way too many reviews are based on perfect conditions that (when it comes to online games) do not match the real world experience.


Quotes from the updated review:

Since the official release of SimCity I have repeatedly tried to replicate the experiences I had reviewing the game with pre-release code on EA's development servers, and repeatedly I have not been able to.

Given this currently horrendous state of both accessibility and playability, and acknowledging the fact that even the drastic changes EA has made to the game in its attempts to address them haven't worked, it is hard to continue to recommend SimCity.






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It is quite amusing that Origin links to this exact review on their official facebook page - with a big header picture that of course shows off a score of 9.5! :D