Please try this game, before buying.

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Things to keep in mind before buying: - ALWAYS active DRM - that means if a server crashes, you can lose HOURs of work. - EA / Origin - Money hounds, if they could make you pay to reload your clip in a shooter, THEY WOULD (and the company has said as much). They like to put consumers in horrible positions and leverage money out of them. Origin is a PLATFORM for that. Hello, I urge you that if you're looking for a new game purchase, please try Sim City before you buy it. You have a right to understand the differences from previous Sim City games, and you have a right to know the product you're purchasing. Don't get dogged by companies that only care about money. And if you're dissatisfied with the product you already purchased, keep in mind that you are entitled to a refund, by law, of a defective purchased item. And this definitely qualified. Amazon decided it was so defective it would rather not sell it any more. Be wary of the EA machine. They are seriously stepping up their game in terms of Viral Marketing and downright criminality.