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After reading about all the grief with the servers etc, I went to the store yesterday and picked up the game anyway. I installed it, no problem, and proceeded to play. I had no server issues, and I haven't had one problem since I had the game. I am really enjoying it (the last SimCity I played was on Playstation). So feel free to pick up this game now, I am assuming the rating will go up considering it seems like they fixed many of the issues that made it "unplayable".
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It is much better today, and is actually a decent game.

But it doesn't make up for the complete mess that made me wait until today to play it properly. I'll only get EA games out of the bargain bucket in future.

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.... I'll only get EA games out of the bargain bucket in future.


Or used, where the publisher makes nothing anyway. Well, on games that SUPPORT used sells. Simcity, of course, would not work.

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I agree I thought wtf and bought it yesterday and haven't had any issues I'm having a lot of fun actually.