my problems with this simcity

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i have played every simcity since 2000 (i think it was) loved 3000 uk edition and thought 4 was ok but could have been better,but sweet jebus this one drives me crazy!!!

1st= there is only one way into the city......are you kidding me!!!! this whole multi-city region is fantastic,that no one city can do it all so in order you need the other cities,you need your people to travel to and all cities!!! well good luck driving,followed someone from as far back on the highway as i could see.....took him 32hrs to get into my that point he drive to the end of the road and drove right outta the city and went home!!!! and i understand you need to use trains and buses well i had them in my city and still traffic was crazy all can be followed back to the only bloody road into the city. i have spent $$$$$ replanning my roads to that one and only road into the city and nothing help!!! if you have a city that people need to travel to or from well you my friend are screwed!!

2nd= FIRE!!! i have an educted population (grad school,high schools,colleges university) and still fire flows like the water outta the fire trucks back at the station where the fire fighters are clearly doing the yearly calender photo shoot. i even tried the massive fire station with full truck and choppers,and another with full fire marshals and still idiots!!!

3rd= budgets!! the only way you have a running city (police,health,eduction,fire,water,power,etc) is to run massive losses!! im finding it really have regardless of population!!

4th and this is a big one!!!! Traffic,kinda covered it at the start but the thing that grinds my gears the most has to be the police and fire fighters sitting it traffic when the are on the way to a crime or fire!!!!!!! are you kidding me!!!!

5th The "gambling city" it just doesnt work......had 3 cheap halls with a mix of low and medium wealth and they were making 15-25k build the sci fi casino and never made a cent,in the end i got rid of it when it was lossing 30k,build the sleek casino and same thing!! my city was full of low and medium people and the expo centre was rolling in the money so i dont see what the problem was!!

well i noticed a few ways to make money but it depends how big your city is. the expo centre is really good,15k cost and a chance to make win

if anyone can help me out please to comment.thanks guys and happy building :)

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I agree with everything. I also have problems with industry saying they dont have skilled workers when my entire population is highly educated. having industry leave kills income.

Also residents complain about no parks when there's one right next to them.

and finally, a comercial building says this: "what makes me happy: lots of shppers, what makes me unhappy: no shoppers". literally the same building

there's a bunch of other bugs that i hope they fix because i actually really like the game

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im this close to just giving up on the game altogether for a few months and hope they fix all these bugs!!