Maps are too God dang small !

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What the Helll is this !!!


Can't expand my residental because they will intefer with industrial and then pollution ruins the whole thing...


can't even fit an airport or I have to get ride of a bunch of industrial houses..



this is STUPID I mad, I is gonna shoot someone in the face with zhe snowball

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I dont have the game but from what many have said the maps get filled quickly. I understand that they want you to make multiple cities that can feed off each other, but most people would rather build a giant metropolis than a bunch of specialized towns. One of the reasons im holding off on the game.
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are they gonna fix that ?


man simcity 4 was GREAT I miss that game

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I read that eventually they will offer premium content FOR SALE that will let you have bigger maps.  Yet another reason I refuse to buy this thing.