Looking for people to build a huge region.

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Well it seems nobody can join any newly created regions unless invited so here goes!

Ive made a region, up to 16 cities, and would like people to help me expand. So far I have two cities, both with lots of trade. One with oil refinery and one selling processors making a ton of cash in both. All but one town hall upgrade opened for the region. Need a few cities concentrating on tourism, industry and trade goal is to build the great works. 

Have 75K+ pop in one city with a full education system for your sims to abuse. Anyway.. add me on origin for invite .. IJONOI

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Oh yeaaa. Europe West 6 server and region name is TradeNation.  Also add me for any other regions ill play any! Just getting a bit boring on your own all the time. 

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Friend me -- BZink29.. please :)
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Yeah add me TF2PS3SPY

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Add me too id is DarshanRao
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i would love to join u guys! Add me

 IGN:    TakenZ

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Origin ID is : UglyGeezer ,would like an invite 

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I'm glad to see it's working out for some people. How do you like playing with random people? Have you had any griefers yet?