It's all b*llsh*t

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What EA says in terms of this game being in a working condition or "almost fixed" is a complete crock of sh*t.  This game has annoyed me far more than any other game, even worse than Sims 3, because it is far worse.

This game is one of the most badly coded and designed games I've ever seen.  The AI is lousy and retarded, the city sizes are way too small, there's so many bugs it would take a dozen pages for me to describe them all.

Before EA addressed even half of these issues they've already released 2 packs.  This annoys me the most since this just tells me the company doesn't care if their software is broken, all they care about is churning out more and more "stuff packs" with inflated price tags because they know people will buy them, because they're sheep.  People think that a stuff pack might contain some fixes in it, but all it is is a pack that contains stuff that they already tested before they released the game and took it out again so that it can be added in later as a content package.  There are no bug fixes, they come in patches if/when EA feels like it.

Already there's thousands of abandoned worlds as result of players who quit playing due to broken worlds or inactive players.  Worlds break almost on a daily basis for whatever random reason.  You're bound to get hit by half a dozen rollbacks in a single day.

I don't need to tell you all of what's wrong with it.  There's plenty of statements and reviews by other disatisfied players that you don't have to look far to read their horror stories.  This game is so bad that even satan himself won't put this game in his hall of fame of bad games.

This game makes me so damned angry.  Not just the game but EA the company itself.  How DARE THEY release a game like this in such a horrific condition at full price, and what's more they've also conned a good number of their customers by selling "update packs" which means those who paid out for the Limited Edition now have nothing special that owners of the Digital Deluxe Edition don't have, only those who have the Digital Deluxe Edition have other features which then encourages Limited Edition owners to upgrade to the Digital Deluxe Edition, so they've now paid more for their game than everyone else has.  What a scam!

From being a customer of EA for so many years I can say that EA is like a vampire that sucks out all the fun out of games, then spits it back out again in small test tubes and charges people for it without purifying it first.

Save yourself the frustration and your money, this game isn't worth it. :evil:

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What i did i waited to see how the game would be and EA has the habit of ruining games. I might pick it up for 10-15 bucks but no more than that. Shame because love city building games.

Right now favorite city game is Tropico 4 have close to 200hrs on it and its one of my favorites, guess i'll have to stick to that some more.