I wish there was an honest review on this game

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Every site i go to has user reviews at an all time low. And I realize they're just giving it the low score because of the always online DRM, plus it being an EA game i would give it a low score on that alone.

However the gameplay, from what ive seen, looks fantastic. And I loved sim city 4 back in the day.

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Check out Giantbomb's review.  It's the most honest I have found.

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The problem is that no one can play it long enough to give the game a fair review.


Overall it seems like a good SimCity game, but I only have about 7 or 8 hours into it.  I'd recommend it if you like SimCity games, just wait a week until all of the server issues get worked out.  The server issues go well beyond just DRM complaints.

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it is simcity-lite you will be bored, very **** quickly
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SimCity gets an 8.5/10 from me, good game, great engine, obviosuly a very powerful simulation engine driving this thing. Maps are too small, though Ocean Quigley swears bigger ones are comming, and we've yet to see modding/community support, but those raised SimCity 4 from great to legendary. Very pretty, soundtrack is nothing special, controls are good, incredibly addicting.

Now Origin gets a 0/10, but that's a different review all together 

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I have a feeling the Gamespot review is going to be at least a 8.0/10. GS has had plenty of time to review this game. The reason they are waiting to release the review is due to the issues going on, and they want that stuff to blow over before releasing the high review. There's no other explanation for it.
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Here's an honest review based on the first 72 hours of (potential) playing time:


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Kevin is doing the review on this game. I have a lot of respect for him so I really hope he gives an honest review.

He did give a pre=review: "This game is F-ing broken and you should not buy it ... even if it worked properly, this is not the best Sim City"

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I gave it a 5.0 review just because the servers are always down and we can't play offline.

I will re-adjust if they fix the game, it's not fun, I played 8 hours and when I tried logging back today, the servers were down again.

The graphics are good, the game is awesome but the servers... oh god

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Ahh what do you know, Sim City ads were all removed. I wonder if EA pulled the plug after they saw the review?


*edit* Apparently all advertising for SimCity has been pulled by EA for all media markets.