I didn't buy it

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I was a huge Simcity fan, but I didn't buy this game because you cannot play it at all unless you are connected to EA's server. That's just stupid. I learned my lesson from Diablo 3. Like Diablo 3, Simcity is primarily a single-player experience. The ONLY reason EA requires you to connect in order to play is so they can fight piracy. Yes, they are punishing their paying customers for what other people do. It's like if you're driving the speed limit and get a ticket anyway because *other* people speed in that area. The ever-increasing Draconian nature of game publishers has to stop.

Diablo 3 didn't work when it was released and still doesn't work. I didn't expect Simcity to work, either, and I was right. I can't play Diablo 3 any time I want, even though I paid $60 for it. Instead, I can only play it when the Diablo 3 servers are up and running. The same goes for Simcity. If you pay $60 for a game like Diablo 3 or Simcity, the company you bought it from should not be able to dictate to you when you can and cannot play it. That is your property, and I don't give a damn what any cryptic licensing agreement says. 

One more gripe. If you charge people $60 for a game, you better make damn sure the thing is bug-free. I'm a little shocked at all the bugs Kevin talks about in the review. What a half-assed effort. Way to ruin a great franchise just to make a quick buck. This is why you should NEVER pre-order games. 

I  hope others will join the fight against these sort of anti-gamer practices.

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I agree with you but look at all the people who bought the game. They caused the server issues because no one listens and people forget very easily. Think of it this way - you pay $60 for a game, you get 60 hours enjoyment out of it, then people will continue to buy it and companies like EA and Blizzard forever change the gaming models much to our chagrin. Who're the real losers here? Actually, that might be people like us because we miss out on that enjoyment on principle while others keep buying into this model. We think the future of gaming is bleak, but others don't care. Look at games like Call of Duty, Madden etc. Same game every year running on 5 year old game engine with just updated maps every year sold first as $60 game and then 4 "new" "retouched" maps from prior games for $15 only or season pass for $30 etc. And it sells MILLIONS of copies. This means gamers like that model. And piracy is a factor, no matter how much you say it isn't. I hate pirates and piracy and it is so easy to pirate games today (or music or games) that I understand why they go to extreme lengths to protect their IP. There are lots of things to consider but always look at it from your perspective only. Complaining about it doesn't really do much unless it goes viral. Not buying it doesn't really matter if it is < 0.5% loss of sales for the company. (evident from server overloads meaning a lot of people actually bought it). After Diablo 3 I swore never to buy another online-only game and I won't buy SimCity either but I feel like I'm missing out on some things. Take also Dark Souls. Bought it on PS3, Loved it. Bought on PC BUT! you have to be online all the time to play the game, else it won't save (because it uses GFWL which needs you to be logged in to Xbox Live). Hate that model (although I haven't had other troubles with GFWL, others swear it is evil). On principle, I won't buy this game and I am appalled at the whole state of affairs but there isn't much choice here tbh. Don't deceive ourselves.
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I just read about how they are leaving buildings and other things out of the release (like a zoo, a train, etc) in order to sell those things to you later as DLC. Are you serious? Can this game be managed any worse? Can this company be any more greedy? I'm just saddened by the whole thing. What a debacle, yet people are still blindly forking over their money and thereby encouraging game publishers to continue these horrific practices. They just keep going further and further over the line to see how much they can get away with, and the mindless masses keep letting them do it. I just read that if you buy Sims 3, all its expansions and DLC, it will cost you $4700. $4700 for a game? Are you even serious? That's exactly what they intend for Simcity. So sad.