Help: Can't trade between cities

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In 3 seperate regions, I create a city, build it up with the idea that this main city will support future cities.  But everytime, I'm unable to send my other cities financial gifts, police support, fire support etc.  For instance, I'll send the 2nd city $100,000, I'll see it in my budget that I sent them 100k.  I'll then wait about 2 minutes for the truck to come from my 2nd city, pick up the git and drive back and confirm that I've gifted the money.  However, When I load my 2nd city, the money has disappeared.  No record of it in the budget.

Is anyone else having problems like this?


Thanks in advance for all responses.

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I have a similar problem with buying Power between two cities I have Claimed/Created. I can buy power from a city with plenty to sell, but I can't by enough even to cover my shortage/usage even though the city I am buying from has plenty of extra power to sell. The problem is the city in need only buys a small amount (about 1/4 of their demand) and it won't change UP to the actual amount needed to cover power usage. It seems to be a bug, no matter what I did (stopped buying, then started buying again) or how long I waited the amount purchased stayed at a very low amount, far lower than what the city needed. I ended up just putting more power plants in the city in need.

I don't know if this is completely related to the OP's issue, but it seems to be a glitch in the Inter-City Trading/Resource system.