EA/Origin False Advertising

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Bought Simcity from Amazon. In origin I upgraded to the "Deluxe Edition Upgrade Pack." Product Page for Upgrade Pack: http://store.origin.com/store/ea/en_US/pd/productID.260623100 "UPGRADE TO THE DIGITAL DELUXE EDITION: INCLUDES THE HEROES AND VILLAINS SET AND THE FRENCH, GERMAN AND BRITISH CITY SETS." -- From the product page. The Heroes and Villains DLC did not show up in my account, ever. I contacted EA/Origin live support. This is what was said: Haineube: I have checked your order and your account, and I have also investigated further on this but I have found that, there is no Heroes and Villains DLC pack for Deluxe edition upgrade pack, it does only on Digital Deluxe Edition. ... Haineube: I understand what you mean, but please note the difference of SimCity Digital Deluxe Upgrade Pack and the Digital Deluxe Edition. The information is correct(UPGRADE TO THE DIGITAL DELUXE EDITION: INCLUDES THE HEROES AND VILLAINS SET AND THE FRENCH, GERMAN AND BRITISH CITY SETS.) but you have just the "SimCity Digital Deluxe Upgrade Pack" WHAT? The product page for the UPGRADE PACK lists Heroes and Villains under the game DESCRIPTION. Is there any other upgrade options beyond this? Or does EA reps expect me to pay 80 dollars and just toss the 60 dollar standard version? No, Haineube, EA live support rep, I am not paying an additional 80 dollars for a DLC set that is listed in the game description of the "Upgrade pack." Get it together, EA.
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I agree with you. I bought the limited edition (disc) and wanted to upgrade to the deluxe edition. I bought the deluxe upgrade because they make it look like you will get the digital deluxe edition. They even use the same cover picture. That is a big fat lie. They cheat their customers and the online chat with EA was a waste of time. Now I have the extra cities unlocked but my game is still the limited edition! In-game it promotes to upgrade, yes, to the deluxe edition. The upgrade that I already did. Give people what they pay for or you will loose more customers EA. I feel cheated by your company! No more EA for me if this form of ripping people off continues. Birgen
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I was sickened by the fact I paid out full price for the Limited Edition which contained the Heroes/Villains pack, only to discover the upgrade to the Digital Deluxe Edition which not only included the French, German and British city packs but the Heroes/Villains pack also.  No discount for owning the Limited Edition already.

So what does this mean?

Normal Version + Digital Deluxe Edition == Limited Edition + Digital Deluxe Edition

Only you pay less for the normal version than the Limited Edition version.

R I P   O F F !

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btw I can see what EA have done there.

They have multiple editions of Simcity:

Simcity normal version (base game which had a bunch of features taken out of it before it got released)
Simcity Limited Edition (base game + heroes/villains set)
Simcity Deluxe Edition Upgrade Pack (base game with the features that were taken out in the normal version for an inflated price tag)
Simcity Digital Deluxe Edition (base game + heroes/villains set + city sets, digital download only)

So it sounds like they misrepresented you by advertising to you what is in the Digital Deluxe Edition and making it sound like you were gonna get all that when you was actually viewing the page for the Deluxe Edition Upgrade Pack and bought that one instead.