DRM and the future

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I understand the reason for this in games. Or I think I do. 1. Tries to stop pirated games. 2 Hard to cheat the game. Do not forget there will be an update every 3 minutes within the community. Do not think they do not check what you are doing while you get updates. Your info is sent out while you receive others, if something is amiss EA will know it. Here is the thing you all may be missing. The future. What is going on is the pc is about to be a thing of the past. May take 20 or so years, but the end is coming. Everything is becoming apps. Of course part of the reason for this is most people do not want to understand computers, just point and click. Most people cannot fix issues with a pc and do not want to know how, but more important. Apps require 100% connection, and most companies have usage charges. That is were the future is heading. Controlling our usage, so they can charge us! So games are moving to 100% connection then they will change to apps the computer (pc) will die out and the companies can charge us for our usage. I hate all this but it is coming. I am not saying you all will agree with this. I do not! But it is coming, kids today, say five to ten are growing up in an app world, unlike most of us now. Those kids have no idea what windows 3.1 was or dos, or even what a sound card is. This is all a master plan to control your online time to make more money!
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I actually think we are about to undergo a new computer renaissance. With the new consoles being more or less x86 Based I see more software for the pc than ever before. It's true they will dabble in online DRM but Im sure that wont be the norm. All and all I believe we are in for so,e great games in the coming years. 

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DRM's only affect the people that buy the game, the scene groups are too good and will crack this game in 2-3 days just like they did with Assassin's Creed which had just as much DRM.

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PCs will exist...it will just be that apps will be on the PC (which is how it is for Windows 8 already).  So TC is probably right.