A Great game at heart due for success shattered due to greed EA messing up the game's marketing side and all the bugs

User Rating: 7.5 | SimCity Societies PC

This, truly great game in game play, developed by tilted mill, could have been a hit if it wasn’t for EA’s greediness and rushed beta testing has brought this game to hell. It is just a very sad tale……
First of all, EA, WE ARE NOT YOUR BETA TESTERS!!!!This game is loaded with tech issues, even with patch 4.You truly rushed this, you announce this game in the summer, and release this game in Nov.? What the crap is that? What, the sims 2 couldn’t milk out another expansion pack by the holidays due to maxis being busy at spore so you rush it on simcity instead? Even with patch 4, there seems to be a memory leak ( I have 2gb) and the game crashes after 5 mins of game play (it didn’t crash on patch 2, although patch 2 was very sluggish)There has always been a mystery with people with quad core cpus, like me, and vista. I don’t know what the deal is, because Caesar 4, which uses the same engine, runs perfect on my alienware.I have a geforce 8800 gt, Intel core 2 quad, and 2gb of ram, and this game refuses to run more than 5 mins with patch 4.
The game play, the heart of the game, made by tilted mill, was truly wonderful. When I had patch 2, I could enjoy all of this I am saying right now. You can truly build the city of your dreams, not a real life city, but your creative mind. This game is amazing and very addictive when you get into your work, and build your masterpiece; rather it is a communist, smoged up, sad city, to a peaceful village in a valley where everyone lives a life in harmony with their religious practices and farming. You don’t have to build the game wants to; you can mix any type of society, such as I mixed spirituality and creativity to make a up class fun, religious city, which here a link of my story http://www.tiltedmill.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16120. I had the fun of my life building this city too .Tilted Mill, all I can say, you guys did a great job.
Want to know what is sad, and this is for Tilted Mill. They, who held this game together with the game play and graphics, get barely any credit by EA for making this game; the only credit they get is a very small font that says “tilted mill entertainment inc.” on the back cover, and THAT’S IT!!!They get no logo on the front cover like Sierra Entertainment let Tilted Mill have on the front cover with Caesar 4.EA tries their best to make sure they get no credit. Tilted Mill gets like limited rights, it is also funny how tilted mill does not let anything out (barely) in the SCS area, but are very talkative on the children of the nile section, and I wonder why…
To top this off for tilted mill, the minute all the sim city 4 babies hear about Tilted Mill is making the game, and they are changing the game play direction, they marched into a ancient city-builder forum and start rioting and insulting Tilted Mill, and telling them they want maxis back and get lost. Or they can build them a modern, realistic, complicated game like sc4, only more complicated and complex, ON AN ANCIENT CITY BUILDERS FORUM!!!I mean sorry, but what the hell is that? You could have been at least nice about it, instead of posting “sign this petition to get maxis back” on their forum. It isn’t right, and all the people who used to go on the forum originally, started to leave, since they didn’t want to deal with all the crap going around. So not only they get no credit for making the game by EA, the ones who know they are making the game destroy their forum. I bet not even half are sorry for what they done.
EA really messed this up on the marketing side, I don’t even want to get into it, all I can say is, EA, YOU FAILED TO DO YOUR PART.
Sorry, to end this sad review, I rate this game on all the good (all by tilted mill), and all the hell as well ( all by EA and sc4 babies).I hope you all can understand what I am trying to say.
So overall, tilted mill, great job, EA, you suck.