Easily managed cities with a wide range of buildings

User Rating: 7.5 | SimCity Societies PC
In the last couple of months it's been hard to find a game that will make me play for 5 hours without wondering what the time is or how long I've been playing. SimCity Societies managed to do this.

SimCity does not have a Campaign mode, but that's fine as you don't really need one. You can jump in and get started right off without any story line or restrictions. I personally like the Normal mode where you need to unlock buildings as you go along as this give you a feeling of achievement as you move along and grow your city.

In SimCity Societies you can build your city based on a range of specialized fields. Some will choose a city thriving on Creativity, and others on knowledge or even spirituality. I personally liked the Prosperity city. It generates a large amount of money very quickly making expansion a very easy task. Choosing one of these cities however will not limit you to only that class of city. You can mix an match any way you like.

The graphics for this game is fairly okay if you take into consideration the amount of information your PC will need to process. The city sounds isn't overwhelming, in fact there is sometimes a lack of city sounds. The music is chill and does not get annoying even after hours of play.

I really like this game a lot and I am looking forward to expanding my already thriving city to the edges of my map.