The "Final Fantasy Mystic Quest" of the sim city series, the game is simplified, but lacks a SimTown charm.

User Rating: 6 | SimCity Societies PC
This game isn't awful. It's quirky and fun, but that's not what we've come to expect from wasting hours on prior Sim City games. Not a sequel as much as a spin-off, this clearly shows an attempt to appeal to more casual gamers and get away from the simulation and strategy of the original game. It could have been worse, sure, and it was enjoyable for a while, but it's charm fizzled out after building a couple of cities.

The different "types" of city were interesting, but the execution left something to be desired. I felt that the city "types" should have been based on hidden factors, and not something in the user's face. For example, building too many police stations would make your city too fascist, and having a lot of parks would make it artistic/hippie/etc.

I haven't touched this one in a few years... don't plan to.