A total disappointment! this game had me crying with anger

User Rating: 5 | SimCity Societies PC
I bought this game at best buy for a $19.99 price tag. I look at the huge box and looked over the game graphics and features on the back, and i have to say its very convincing, cause i could of bought the sims 2 game, but i wanted to try something different, so i bought this. I was excited to get home with my own copy and rip it open, the one thing i noticed after i bought it is it was made by EA sports which was a little scary. Then when i thought it couldnt get worse, i opened up this big box and inside was just 1 tiny disc, and a game guide that basically just had the credits written. It was ridiculous. Then i was like okay, lets try it. the game also takes up 2.3gb on my pc which is kinda big for this piece of junk. I put it in and i downloaded the update 5 which added more buildings and disasters and etc.... it was kinda fun placing buildings, but what do you do when you placed all the buildings, the sims disappear and you cant put this game high quality because it crashes, specially on a regular laptop. The cars diappear out of nowhere as well, plus the camera mode to check out your city when your done is not that good. I have nothing really good to say about this game. It dosent deserve to be apart of the sim name. It was a horrible game, and very boring, nothing to do when you done and you start asking yourself what was the point in even doing this anyway.