EA has ruined yet another great series

User Rating: 1 | SimCity Societies PC
im so glad i didnt go out and buy this game like i had originally planned and just downloaded it.
its horrible!!
no aveneues, airports and sea ports (unless you have destinations), highways, streets or railway. thats right, you use the same road all the time (or a country road ¬_¬) and the only differences you get is if you build in a certain style/type (ie cyberpunk)
no more zoning, so you have to use the same house over and over and over until you unlock another house that you use over and over with the same roads!!
no more connecting to your neighbours, you dont have any.
seemingly your sims dont need to drink water anymore, and power magically reaches its buildings with no power lines.
the list goes on and on.
they could have done so much with this game but they ruined it by simplyfing it beyond all belief!!
if you want a crappy version of CeaserIV that makes no sense, then buy it!
otherwise dont expect anything remotly exciting from this other than the disasters.

thanks alot EA ¬_¬