Fun and a true genre of city building! Packed with laughs and infinite possibilities!

User Rating: 7.5 | SimCity Societies PC
Wow! Where can i start? Simcity Societies is considered by many to not be the greatest in the Simcity series yet i disagree - to an extent.
The game itself offers loads of possibilities, building any kind of city in various edited maps. Its very easy to grasp and you can play with infinite money or not.
Simcity Societies however does not develope the buildings you build and does not pocess the 'city building' feel of a real city. Everything seems to unreal.
However, Simcity Societies is a fun game nontheless which will have you laughing at the societies you build. You can build romantic cities, industrial, police state, cyberpunk - you name it!
The game had potential which it has not reached yet is a fun game to play when you want to test out cities and just build with no money needs. Even without infinite money the game is very easy as fires rarely happen but the thing that annoys me the most is that a single criminal can make a whole lot of sims unhappy. The sims turn rogue (red face) and as soon as they enter a venue they suddenly become happy and green faced.
I would recommend this game to those new to the city building games or to younger players. You can find out more on Youtube.