The most causal Sim City to date.

User Rating: 3.5 | SimCity Societies PC
Picking your own buildings is nice but not really as awesome as I thought. Playing this game for more then 30 mins for me becomes a real chore. Its just way to simple, there's no need to balance policy s, worry about taxes or property value like the older Sim City games I've played.

You just need to meet the simple demands of either special points to build the buildings, and hand picking what goes were makes the game feel even less alive. In the old school Sim City 2000 I last played if I messed with taxes to much I could see buildings close up shop. I also miss having a dump, and miles of water pipes, subways and power lines.

They trade off the breathing delicate city with little Sim people who wonder around the streets. Its kind of neat but with the goals of the larger achievements it slowly becomes ignored as I try to push for a goal, that doesn't even feel that hard to pull off. Yet again all I have to do is meet the point requirements slap down some features like subways and bus stops to lower traffic.

The way the game was presented I though I could enact edicts like in previous ones, as far as I know I can't so much as put up an anti liter ban. I figure you would get options like declaring marshal law, propaganda edicts, or just the good old fashioned recycling and factory regulations.

Over all this game is a shell of what Sim City games are suppose to be, its pretty, but as challenging as keeping a pet goldfish.