It's ok, but i know maxis could have done much better.

User Rating: 5 | SimCity Societies PC
The simcity series was a good and very successful franchise, that is, until this game came out. The concept changed really differently it became really easy with gameplay. Instead of planning with the RCI zones, you could just plop the building right in front of you, which really doesn't mimic the reality of managing and building a city, unlike simcity 4 or the rest of the previous simcity games. If it just had the same concept as the other simcity games it would have more potential and would have gotten better reception. Maxis also took out many features, including the advisors, roads, regions, and terraforming. But it did add a few interesting features like trophies and building styles. If this is your first time having a tycoon game, simcity societies is good enough, but i would not recommend it if you had many other sim/city-building games before.