Worst Game Ever? Simthing is very wrong with this release...

User Rating: 1 | SimCity Societies PC
Prior to the release of this game, anything with the tag SimCity really excited me. Dating back to the old school version all the way up to SimCity4, the game was totally beast. Cities, towns, people, more buildings, more stuff, more people, more simoleons - YES!

Then.. there was SimCity Societies.

I owned it for 27 hours and shipped it off to some unfortunate soul in New Jersey who had browsed by my eBay listing. I don't know what the game is doing or even how you play. The buildings are gross, the streets are only in squared off layouts, where are the sims? I would rather Maxis retake the the SimCity name and make another game,and tell EA to focus more on the Sims games they're good at.

Hopefully this most horrific game will inspire someone to do something. I want a new SimCity - but one that encompasses all of the traditional features.