This game needs to improve.

User Rating: 4.5 | SimCity Societies PC
I liked the idea of game play but the problem is that i don't like the style of product placement and organization. the graphics are nice and the fluid style of sims walking. I liked how you didn't have to zone areas but the auto road has to go.

The games organization left a lot to be desired. The game is full of bugs, glitches, crashes, you name it. So you will be hard pressed to see the game work for once.

The game is way too easy in fact once build something it take money out of the budget account but you'll make money faster with the jobs you had. So it almost seemed like you were being refunded the building with how much you spent.

Building buildings, roads, and decorations are probably the only hardest thing to do. Want to build a realistic city? Well your probably going to have a hard time with that but the roads are the worst pain in the neck ever known. Thanks to the auto road problem that can maybe make your city look like a weird mess of road.

I am very sad to see this game like this. I wish that there was a patch that would heal the problems. Too bad there is an huge amount of problems to deal with...